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Mostbet Aviator is a game developed by Spribe that is extremely popular among online casino customers. The best indicator of this popularity is the presence of a hyperlink to the product in the main menu of the website and app. In terms of genre features, Aviator is a crash game with an interesting and very dynamic gameplay.

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Characteristics of the Aviator India game

Game name Aviator Mostbet
Developer Spribe
Release year 2019
Genre crash-games
Supported languages Hindi, English, French, etc. (all available on the Mostbet India website)
Payout percentage (RTP) 97%
Minimum bet amount 0.1 EUR or equivalent in any other currency
Maximum possible win per bet 10000 EUR or equivalent in any other currency
Stylistic design Aviation theme

Mostbet Aviator rules

The Mostbet Aviator India game consists of an endless number of rounds that constantly replace each other with minimal pauses to place bets. At the same time, you can only place a bet on a round before it starts. The game starts with the aircraft taking off from the starting point. At this point, the potential payout ratio is 1.00. As the plane moves and covers the distance, the ratio increases. An important trend is that the further the aircraft has flown, the faster the ratio increases.

At any time, the customer can stop the game. To do this, you need to press the “Cash out” button. In this case, he takes his winnings and leaves the round. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the ratio valid at the time of stopping. The round can also end in defeat – if the plane flies off the playing field before the bet is cashed out.

According to the technical characteristics, the aircraft covers at least a minimum distance in 97% of cases. That is, the chances of ending up in the black are quite high.

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Mostbet Aviator strategy

The game interface consists of several sections:

  • Main menu, which displays the current user’s balance and game options. Here you can adjust sound effects and animations, as well as view the rules and betting history.
  • Field with statistics of recent rounds.
  • The gameplay area itself, displaying the flight and ratio.
  • Betting forms. You can place one or two bets per round. Each of them needs to be cashed out separately.

Below is also a list of the winners of the last completed or current round.

The game has two additional features available:

  1. Auto bet – allows you to participate in each round with a fixed bet amount. When activating, you need to specify the conditions for turning off the function. For example, the total number of played rounds, the won or lost amount.
  2. Auto cashout – automatic withdrawal of funds upon reaching the specified ratio.

The Aviator Mostbet gameplay algorithm looks like this:

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Launch the game via the shortcut in the main menu.
  3. Specify the bet amount. Activate additional features if desired.
  4. Press “Cash out bet” at the appropriate time.

Important: before the start of the round, the client has the opportunity to cancel the bet.

Bonuses and rewards in game

The Aviator game is part of the general Mostbet bonus program. For example, the received welcome bonus can be wagered using this product. Aviator also often has separate exclusive offers for customers. Their essence is to provide free bets of a fixed denomination.

If you become a participant in such a promotion, you will immediately see the corresponding notification. For example, 5 free bets may be provided for 10 INR each. Such an offer always has a limited validity period. Usually 72 hours.

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Mostbet IN Aviator demo

Like the vast majority of other products presented in the Mostbet casino, in addition to the main one, Aviator also has a demo mode. In this case, the client will place not real money, but virtual funds: 3000 conditional units. If unsuccessful and losing this amount, you can simply restart the game. Then the balance will be updated again to the original value.

The gameplay itself in the demo version is absolutely no different from the full game. The same statistics and the same features are available. The only addition is the “Play for Real Money” button at the top of the demo game to switch modes.

Aviator on mobile

In addition to the full and mobile site, the Aviator game is also available in the Mostbet online app. It has no functional or stylistic differences. The only limitation is that the game can only be launched in portrait screen orientation.

In the app, the product looks very convenient. The buttons are large, the chance of misclicking is minimized. There are no hangs or performance problems. And in conditions of not very stable and high-quality internet connection, Aviator works more efficiently in the app than on the site.

An important point: the rounds on the official site and in the app fully correspond to each other. At the same time, one player can only play from one device at a time.


Is Aviator Mostbet a legal and safe product?

Yes, this is a certified development from the globally renowned Spribe brand. The game has a fairness checking algorithm that is available to all players.

How to win at Mostbet Aviator?

Technically, all you need to do is cash out your bet before the plane takes off. If your question implies strategies or software that can guarantee a win, they do not exist.

Is the Aviator game available in the mobile app?

Yes, this product works through the app.

How to get free bets in Aviator?

Keep an eye on promotions on the Mostbet company website. There may be a special offer regarding the Aviator game. The casino can also offer you an individual bonus in the form of free bets.

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